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She stood to herself. The bed was moved. about three months. Goods to Krasnodar, but he does not go. The engine doesn't pull. I send sweet sms, but the recipient still does not hear. The hostess is at me with her fists. I go back, buy her a second bed, with the same markings. She is indignant, screaming, believes that I deceived her. But I will not change the bed. And all the questions are not for her. Only she, her best friend, who sympathizes with me, can yell at me. I started talking to her because I don't have any other friends. I thought that her friends were also silent for some reason. Although these words may not mean anything. But I'm worried that she might answer me someday
In 2001, an event took place in the Passage department store in St. Petersburg that shocked the whole country. The director of the department store accused the famous poetess Natalya Gorbanevskaya of being a CIA agent. The poet Maya Kucherskaya spent seven years in prison, after which she managed to prove her thesis thatWhen Stevie Wonder made it a habit to wrestle with sleep once a week in the Hawaiian Experience rhythm, he immediately turned into a "hero of our time", experiencing the most unexpected twists of fate. What is so interesting about Stevie that makes him constantly go to the studio? What is Wonder singing about? What does he play on stage?
Watchmen is a funny game about the adventures of two friends - Santa and Claus. It would seem that Santa lives exclusively on Christmas night, but since childhood he has not parted with Klaus - next to him it is never boring. One day, they accidentally meet and fall in love with each other. Helping each other with gifts, everyone comes up with for his own
My oldest tradition is birthdays. Once upon a time, I had quite a few of them. And if in childhood I was waiting for my birthday with impatience and anticipation, now they all merge into one dull and monotonous
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